• The Art of The Jungle Book

    The Art of The Jungle Book

    The Art of The Jungle Book

    Ellen Wolff
    4.11 (45)

    Beautifully designed and packed with behind-the-scenes details, the art of the jungle book provides an in-depth look at disney’s latest film. in this finely crafted book, dazzling concept art, behind-the-scenes photography, cg designs, and more come together to highlight the visual spectacle of the film. delving into the film’s interpretation of iconic jungle book elements, from beloved characters such as baloo and bagheera to the jungle itself, the book features full-color images and gorgeous double-page spreads to illustrate the magic behind the art of the film. exclusive interviews with key

    Dwayne Johnson

    ...a spectacular book...If you love behind the scenes stuff, like I do, you'll dig this.

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